Saturday, September 12, 2009

Zucchini Cakes with Yogurt Sauce

Nope, no recipe today, folks.  But I'll give you the cookbook I found it in.  I'm just trying to "play it safe" and not have to deal with copyrights.

I used the 2 zucchinis (hmmmm, that doesn't sound raviolis or spaghettis) I got from last week's farmer's market.  Yay!  Just takes some shredding and draining, breadcrumbs, egg, and a special spice.  My picture isn't nearly as appetizing as the one in the cookbook, but oh well.

The recipe: Zucchini Cakes with Minted Yogurt Sauce from Reader's Digest's "the Vegetarian cookbook"

Wow, short blog post tonight.  I'm all out.  But I'll have good stuff comin' your way this week, since I've got no shortage of fresh vegetables in my fridge now.  

Question of the day: Do I use golden zucchini the same way I'd use regular green zucchini???

Eat smart,

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