Sunday, September 6, 2009

A little food for a rainy Sunday afternoon

Today will be a light day for blogging, as I haven't cooked anything today and we are meeting a friend for dinner tonight.  BUT, I did make a fine sandwich out of my own homemade whole wheat rye bread, cucumber from the farmer's market, my own sprouts, vegenaise, and some kosher/vegetarian cheese.  So here are some pics...I had to at least have that!  What's a a boring Sunday afternoon blog without at least one picture?
I'm still pondering about those green satsumas. I think I'll try one.  I read that they can vary from green to yellow to orange and still be ripe!  Hmmmm....

Come back tomorrow for some good cookin'!
Eat smart,

PS-I have eaten the green satsuma!  Just a bit tangy and only one seed....tasty!

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