Thursday, September 3, 2009

Roasted vegetables and something peachy

Ok, before I start in on tonight's meal, I'll start by saying that I've had a "roasting" bug for several months now. Three of my favorite roasting mixes: tomatoes/peppers/onions, root vegetables, and most recently cauliflower/broccoli.

Tonight I'm making my old favorite. I just cut up tomatoes, green peppers (or red if you can afford them!), and yellow onions. Put them in a bowl. Add italian spices (or fresh basil, oregano, etc), freshly ground black pepper, olive oil, and sea salt. Sometimes I throw in Herbes of Provence for extra flavor. I'm not even sure I know what spices are in herbes of provence. Anyone? I think there's some lavender.

Spread the veggies on a cookie sheet/roasting pan. Bake at 400 for around 30 minutes. So good. You can't go wrong. If you're light on the oil, it's a very low-calorie meal. Sometimes I serve it with plain polenta or whole wheat pasta.

Oh, and I've got peaches on the stove. Don't ask me what I'm making. Jam? Compote? Preserves? What's the difference between jam, jelly, and preserves anyway? Well that's a whole other discussion I suppose. But if you know, please do tell!

So I guess that's it for tonight's food. Tomorrow I think I'll make omelettes with yellow squash, since I rarely eat eggs and I have some. Also got yellow squash from the farmer's market. Maybe i'll even post pictures later, if you're lucky :)

Thanks for tuning in!
Eat smart,

PS-The 1st 2 pics are the ready to eat pictures, the 2nd 2 are the before (raw) pictures.


  1. I'm going to have to try some of your recipes; they sound/look yummy and healthy.

  2. herbs of provence:basil,thyme,majoram,lavender,terragon,mint,oregano,fennel-seeds(optional) field-herbs??(various),bay-leaf(laurel?),rosemary

  3. Thanks Marlies!! Perhaps I can make my own now.

  4. How about the recipe for those delish dessert balls? Especially the mint choc. chip.
    Thank you so much for my Valentine's package.



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