Veg-Friendly Restaurants

My compiled list of vegetarian and or/vegan friendly restaurants that I've been to:


The Tomato Head (Knoxville): Good local/regional beer on tap, lots of vegetarian/vegan options, great vegan cupcakes!
Veg-O-Rama (Knoxville): 100% vegetarian with several vegan options, local beer on tap UPDATE: CLOSED MAY 2011
Sunspot (Knoxville): Good veg options, great selection of beer
Trio Cafe, Market Square (Knoxville): Custom salads, baked potatoes, good beer on tap
Brixx Pizza (Knoxville): You can get a veggie pizza with vegan cheese, great beer on tap.

New York:

Caravan of Dreams (NYC): 100% vegan, lots of raw options on menu
Mana (NYC): Great food, 95% vegetarian with lots of vegan options, awesome kale salad and tempeh teriyaki
Candle 79 (NYC): NOT cheap, this is not the casual cafe, but the expensive restaurant (although I hear the cafe is just as good), this place even has organic beer!
Candle Cafe (NYC): 100% Vegan. Tuscan Lasagna is HUGE and delicious, so is the Butternut Squash soup! Very crowded and you're practically eating on your neighbor's lap, but I guess that's NY for you.(my review)
Franchia (NYC): 100% Vegan. Amazing! Great ambience, awesome hot teas. Pumpkin noodle salad and Franchia roll w/brown rice both delicious. (my review)
Angelica Kitchen (NYC): 100% Vegan. Cash only. Thai Mee Up is awesome (if you love your kale, like I do). Not too crowded. (my review)
Red Bamboo (NYC): Mostly Vegan. You HAVE to get dessert here. A lot of meat substitutions, but delicious. Crowded. They offer beer too! (my review)
Merge (Buffalo): Tons of vegan menu items (& some raw), great food and ambience. Good beer on tap! (my review)
*3 Brothers Pizza (Rockville Center): Huge Italian vegan menu! Awesome mozzarella sticks. (my review)

*Apparently, these folks were taken over by someone else, but the original owners own 3 Brothers Pizza in Farmingdale.

(for a free 2010 download of a NYC vegan dining guide to print out, click here)


Taj Mahal Indian (Springdale/Cincinnati): no website, great buffet AND huge menu, lots of vegetarian, some vegan
Melt Eclectic Deli (Cincinnati): mostly vegetarian, almost anything can be made vegan!
Emanu East African (Cincinnati): Excellent vegan/vegetarian combo dish, BYOB
Myra's Dionysus (Cincinnati): Mostly vegetarian with tons of  vegan options. Tons of soups. All delicious! (my review)
Sunrise Cafe (Yellow Springs): not far from Dayton, great town, place can get packed and service is a bit slow, but great food.


The Green Goddess (New Orleans): small menu, few tables, nice outdoor seating, convenient to Quarter and CBD.
Cafe Bamboo (New Orleans): 100% vegetarian, mostly vegan UPDATE: CLOSED APRIL 2010.
Flanagan's Pub (New Orleans): They have a vegan black bean burger and it's very good! Even the guy that was cooking the day I went, was apparently vegan!
Mojo Lounge (New Orleans): You can get the spinach/feta wrap without the feta or a baked potato, plain. They'll even bring you chopped tomatoes to put on top, if you ask for them! Very nice. Beer on tap.
Cafe Carmo (New Orleans): vegan-friendly, they offer to veganize lots of their dishes, good food, order at the counter, small. (my review)
Hillel's Kitchen (New Orleans): Inside Tulane University's Hillel Center, lots of vegan and gluten free dishes, sandwiches, salads, bagels, granola, chips/salsa, etc. (my review)
Santa Fe Tapas (New Orleans): The St. Charles Ave location has a Saturday Vegan Brunch, some vegan items are on the regular menu, local beer on tap, friendly staff/owner, not cheap. (my review)
The Wandering Buddha (New Orleans): 100% vegan Korean, St. Roch neighborhood,  inside a bar, ordering alcohol is separate (from bar), friendly staff (my review)
O Vegasm (New Orleans): 100% vegan dinner menu, plus Sunday Brunch, delivery avail, in a bar, very good comfort food, St. Roch neighborhood (my review of brunch)

North Carolina:

Boba House (Greensboro): 100% vegetarian, most items can be made vegan, lots of fake meat
Rosetta's Kitchen (Asheville): vegetarian and vegan food


The Zenith (Pittsburgh): 100% vegetarian, in the back of an antique store, not a huge menu, vegan options available


The Dubliner (St. Louis): downtown, great pub with great beer selection, one or two vegetarian entrees (would probably make them vegan, if you ask)


Sunflower Cafe (Fairhope): next door to their awesome health food store, great vegan food available


Cafe Evolution (Florence/Northampton): 100% vegan, delicious, tons of great vegan desserts! (my review)
Bela Vegetarian (Northampton): 100% vegetarian with lots of vegan options & great board specials (my review)
Freshside Amherst (Amherst): amazing Asian fare, very creative rolls, lots of vegan food (my review)
Christine's Bean Sprout (Easthampton): Mostly vegetarian, delicious vegan specials, Gluten Free options, freshly made juices (my review)
Life Alive (Salem, MA): about 95% vegan, great space, amazing food in bowls or wraps, cold or hot, beer and kombucha on tap, fresh juices (my review)


Alchemy Juice Bar (Hartford): a little out of the way, mostly raw food, friendly, try Live Veggie Wrap and Live Chai! (my review)


Green Vegetarian Cuisine (San Antonio): excellent food and ambience, lots of vegan options, friendly (my review)
Loving Hut (Houston): 100% vegan, Asian themed food, great spring rolls, bright and clean (my review)
Field of Greens (Houston): mostly vegetarian/vegan/macrobiotic, "fish" taco platter great & good dessert (my review)
Borboleta Cafe/Ambrosia (Austin): raw/vegan, small place & small menu, delicious food and friendly people, great local coffee too (with almond milk)UPDATE: CLOSED JANUARY 2011
Beets Living Foods Cafe (Austin): raw/vegan, huge menu, great food (& very pretty food!), friendly, modern bright place, free parking in garage (my review)
Mothers Cafe (Austin): vegetarian with lots of vegan options, delicious, huge portions, great dessert and ambience (my review)
Daily Juice Cafe (Austin): raw/vegan, good menu, options for large or small portions, great smoothies/juices (my review)
Spiral Diner (Dallas): 100% vegan, comfort food, great sundaes! (my review)
Bliss Raw Cafe (Dallas): 100% raw, small, nice ambience, great elixirs and desserts! (my review)


R. Thomas' Deluxe Grill (Atlanta): Lots of vegan/raw items on menu plus tons of juices. Very tasty food! They also have organic beer and wine. (my review)


Bolhoed (Amsterdam, Netherlands): lots of vegan options, great coffee w/soy, cute place, get there early (my review)
Golden Temple (Amsterdam, Netherlands): 100% vegetarian, good vegan options, good raw carrot cake! (my review)
Wagamama (Amsterdam, Netherlands): noodle restaurant, vegan & veg options (they specify), beer (my review)
Spirit (Rotterdam, Netherlands): pay by weight, 100% vegetarian, tons of vegan options, coffee w/soy (my review)
Komkommertijd (Ghent, Belgium): 100% vegan, all-you-can-eat buffet, lots of great food, cold & hot.(my review)
Manna & Co (Bruges, Belgium): custom salads, beer & wine, very good! (my review)
Le Pain Quotidien (Mechelen, Belgium): vegan options are marked clearly, soups, salads, sandwiches, vegan muffins, good coffee w/soy, (my review)
Tibits (Zurich, Switzerland): 100% vegetarian, lots of vegan options (all marked), indoor and outdoor seating (my review)


Chicago O'hare: Saladworks, Cibo Express/Gourmet Market (takeaway, has vegan items), Sushi places too!
London Heathrow: Wagamama (see above in Int'l),

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