Saturday, September 12, 2009

My favorite veg-friendly restaurants

Just got back from the market and the bookstore, where I picked up some great cookbooks AND vegetables!  Here's what was in our produce "box" this week:

tomatoes, white turnips, pattypan squash (my husband calls it sasquash), white button mushrooms, white and yellow corn, cucumbers, brown rice, key limes, satsumas, apples, okra, green peppers, lima beans, yellow squash AND golden zucchini

That's quite a boxful.  Will have to be extra creative this week, although I go back to work on Tuesday, so I may not be able to cook something new everyday.  That's ok, I can always resort to my trusty ol' roasted vegetables.

On to this afternoon's post: my favorite veg-friendly restaurants.

We've traveled a lot over the years and we've lived in a lot of different states.  So I will try to list some places we've really enjoyed eating, where it wasn't a problem to find something vegetarian/vegan:

The Tomato Head (Knoxville, TN)  good local beers on tap too, and amazing vegan cupcakes!
Veg-O-Rama (Knoxville, TN) 100% vegetarian with several vegan options & local beer on tap :)
Sunspot (Knoxville, TN)  also has a good selection of beer  
Caravan of Dreams (NYC)
Mana (NYC)  LOVE this place
Candle 79 (NYC)  NOT cheap.
Taj Mahal (Springdale/Cincinnati, OH)  no website, sorry! Buffet and large menu.
Melt Eclectic Deli (Cincinnati, OH)
Emanu East African (Cincinnati, OH) Excellent vegetarian/vegan combo dish!
The Green Goddess (New Orleans, LA) nice outdoor seating
Boba House (Greensboro, NC)
Rosetta's Kitchen (Asheville, NC)
The Zenith (Pittsburgh, PA)  walk thru an antique is in the back
The Dubliner (Downtown St. Louis, MO)  great pub with great beer selection and some veg. entrees!
Sunrise Cafe (Yellow Springs, OH)  not far from Dayton.....great little town to visit!
Sunflower Cafe (Fairhope, AL) Delicious vegan food available and a great health food store next door.
Cafe Bamboo (New Orleans, LA) 100% vegetarian (mostly vegan), great desserts! Outdoor seating.
Cafe Evolution (Florence/Northampton, MA) 100% vegan. Delicious. Awesome desserts.
Alchemy Juice Bar (Hartford, CT) Mostly raw. Nicest people. Try Live Veggie Wrap & Live Chai!
Myra's Dionysus (Cincinnati, OH) Mostly veg with lots of vegan options. Tons of soups. All delicious!
Freshside Amherst (Amherst, MA) AMAZING Asian fare. Very creative rolls, lots of vegan food :)
Bela Vegetarian (Northampton, MA) 100% vegetarian with lots of vegan options and great specials.
Green Vegetarian Cuisine (San Antonio, TX) Excellent food & ambience. Lots of vegan options, friendly.
Loving Hut (Houston, TX) 100% vegan, Asian themed food, great spring rolls, bright and clean.
Field of Greens (Houston, TX) Mostly vegetarian/vegan/macrobiotic. "Fish" Taco Platter good and dessert!
Borboleta Cafe/Ambrosia (Austin, TX) Raw/Vegan, small menu, but delicious food, great local coffee too.
Beets Living Foods Cafe (Austin, TX) Raw/Vegan, huge menu, very friendly, great food & pretty food, modern bright place, free parking in garage
Mothers Cafe (Austin, TX) Vegetarian with lots of vegan options, delicious, huge portions, great dessert and ambience
Daily Juice Cafe (Austin, TX) Raw/Vegan, good menu, options for large or small portions, great smoothies

See my post on Myra's, TomatoHead, & Veg-O-Rama here.
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That's all I can think of at the moment...make sure to stop by if you're in any of these areas!  I will add to this post as I think of more places, so come back every now and then for updates!

And now I must think about what to make for dinner....must use zucchini...the green ones!

Eat smart,

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