Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Nothin' New

Sorry folks, nothing new here today.  Had work all day, came home and made my Lima Bean Chili.  And since I already posted about that, there was no point in talking about it again.  Although I did add some celery, okra, and yellow squash this time.  Oh, and I served it over whole wheat noodles instead of brown rice.

Thinking of something to do with the little white turnips we got at last week's market.  Maybe turnip slaw?? And maybe some sort of succotash with the leftover lima beans and fresh corn?  I wonder if I can just mix them together cold, rather than cooking it on the stove, since the lima beans are already cooked (I did that tonight). Hmmmmm.....any thoughts?

Well if you think of something, let me know!

I'm tired, so I'm going to tune out now.....thanks for reading.

Eat smart,

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