Monday, September 7, 2009

Sneaking in the foods

Hehehe, I'm sneaking something into our roasted vegetables tonight: yellow squash. Think my husband will notice?? He hates the stuff. (oh wait, he's probably going to read this before he eats)

Anyway, it's so easy to make roasted vegetables...see earlier post. And easy to make polenta too! You just put yellow cornmeal in a pot of boiling water....there'll be instructions on the container probably. Boil 1 1/2 cups of water. Mix 1/2 cup yellow cornmeal with 1/2 cup cold water and spices in a bowl. When the water boils, add the cornmeal mix and stir until thick. Turn down the heat and let thicken. It's great with roasted vegetables and maybe a little tomato sauce on top!

My tongue is burning. I tasted the polenta, which has red pepper flakes in it. Ok, food will be ready soon (yes, we eat early in this household). If it were up to my husband, we'd have lunch at 10 am and dinner at 4 pm!

Will post pics later!

Eat smart,


  1. Just happened across your blog the other day. I'm not a vegetarian but LOVE vegetables, especially fresh from my garden. Which brings me to a question. The other day I offered my daughter's neighbor if she'd like a zucchini as that I had an overabundance. She said yes, she take one and picked a fairly large one joking that she could use it hit someone over the head. I told I had a some larger ones at the house that are great for grilling and to this she said that she did not grill because she was a vegetarian. I did not know what to say, I found the statement rather odd. I see that you cook your veggies, is this some new trend or something?

  2. Hi Moonshadow,

    There's a new (within the past couple of years) trend of eating "raw" food, or "living" food. Perhaps your neighbor meant to say she eats only a raw food diet, and therefore doesn't cook anything? I am not on a raw diet, although I'm always trying new raw recipes (that are delicious). I don't grill anything, because we don't have a grill! But I definitely most often cook my veggies, if I'm not eating salad. Thanks for the interesting comment!

  3. Thanks for the response and thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I reread my comment above and I've really got to start proof reading before I submit. I've just got too many distractions. Need... to... concentrate! LOL Every year when my garden starts producing I get up in the morning and harvest the days blessings. For brunch I cook up a sort of zuccini stew in my small cast iron skillet. I warm the skillet, add olive oil and then start putting in the cut up veggies... onions first (while they're cooking I cut the next veggie), then okra, then zucchini and add a blend of seasonsing (store bought in a grinder). When that is pretty tender I add the tomato and sometimes arugula or spinach. I often add a spoon of guacamole dip to top it off. I eat this by myself because not my husband or any of my children or grandchildren will even try it. :) More for me if I don't have to share.

  4. OH, I forgot that I also add bell pepper. My peppers have just gotten big enough to pick so I forgot about them. And I actually prefer green tomatoes for this.

  5. My husband just added that maybe your neighbor has family that cooks meat on their grill, so they can't use it. Just a thought.

    Wow, you've got a recipe that uses zucchini AND okra? I happen to have those in my fridge from the farmer's market and was wondering what to do with them :)

  6. I talked to my daughter a little bit ago and she said that her neighbor is just odd (they work at the same place). The neighbor lives alone and apparently is into that raw foods/vegan thing.

    I think that okra may be an acquired taste and it's really more texture than taste. I don't put in too much okra so it doesn't get too 'slimey'. I don't do the fried okra too well. I just never got into the mess of deep frying. What I have done was mix up a cornmeal breading batter, add the sliced okra and spoon it into a hot greased skillet. Cook it up like a fry bread of sorts, not too high a heat so the okra will cook.

    Here's a really interesting article on the benefits of okra....

    I did a google search for 'benefits of okra vegetable'

  7. Yeah, okra is an iffy one for me. Actually I eat it raw with a little salt every so often. It's pretty good that way and not really slimy. Thanks for the link!

  8. now really, WHO couldn't love squash. so did he like it?

  9. Yup he liked it....don't think he noticed it much. He says as long as it's cooked well enough that it doesn't taste like it anymore, it's ok. Not sure if that's good or bad!



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