Friday, September 4, 2009

Omelette for lunch

I just finished my lunch and I'm stuffed. So I'll wait a bit to eat yesterday's peach compote over plain yogurt. Perhaps I'll have it as a snack after my "after lunch" walk.

Anyway, back to today's lunch. I boiled a bunch of potatoes this morning (really easy), so I'd have a few for the omelette. Now I have tons leftover to add to my meals over the next couple of days. Always cook more than you'll need, so they're readily available to you.

I chopped one yellow squash, a few sticks of celery and one small onion. Sauteed those with some crushed red pepper flakes, black pepper, sea salt, and some fresh dill, oregano, and basil. I added a few spoons of diced canned tomatoes near the end. You can always add freshly chopped tomatoes (I don't have many and I need them for my roasted vegetables!)

Put those vegetables aside. I whisked up 2 eggs per omelette, plus added some water to each as I whisked, to make the omelette bigger. Pour that in a pan and let it cook (I used the same pan as the vegetables, so it would be nice and hot already). Shake the pan around every couple of minutes to let the middle runny stuff roll to the edges to cook. When the egg is set, put the vegetables on one half, then fold over the omelette. I'm not so good at that last part. As you can tell from the pictures, I can't quite get the egg to go ALL the way over the other half. If you have a good suggestion, let me know.

Ok, enough talking. Time to post the pictures. You can see the mix of vegetables, then vegetables on half the omelette, then the completed version.

Oh I forgot to mention I added some chives to the egg mix, then a crank or two of sea salt, while the egg is cooking. And I added a couple of small pieces of kosher/vegetarian cheddar to the omelette. No, it's not fake cheese (sorry vegans), but it does NOT use animal rennet.

Happy eating!

Eat smart,

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