Tuesday, October 27, 2009


First let me say, I got my stash via UPS last night!!  My 5 lbs of oat groats, quinoa, israeli couscous, nutritional yeast (never used it before), almond flour, and chipotle powder (although they seem to like a different spelling).

On to dinner: Roasted Root Vegetables.  I made this a lot last year, when we lived in cold, cold Cincinnati.  It's really easy.  It's from the Local Bounty Cookbook.  This time, however, there were no leeks or parsnips to be found, so I left those out.  I had lots of turnips and sweet potatoes from the market though, so I used those.  And I used a yellow onion (I guess, instead of the leek).  And well, this time around, I left out the oil......well just sprayed a tiny bit on the pan, and a very tiny spray on top of the veggies before they went in the oven.  I highly recommend this recipe for a cold Fall/Wintery evening!

No blogging tomorrow probably....I work all day.  Definitely by Friday though.....ohhhh, I still have Shiitake mushrooms...I forgot!  Hmmmm.....something to think about.  And mustard greens.....what do those go well with?   They're kind of bitter....I guess I'll just steam them and serve them over rice or barley.

Ok then.....have a good evening!
Eat smart,

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