Monday, October 26, 2009


I finally cooked millet....yay!!  Thanks to happyveganface for a wonderful recipe.  You can find the great recipe for Spicy Mexi Millet here.  This is the first time I've ever made millet and I'm so making it again!  To me, this is the kind of recipe I'll keep on hand for relatively quick and delicious meals.

I did however make just a couple of changes, due to the fact that I didn't have some things.  I used the juice of a whole lemon.....didn't have any more of those great key limes from the market, sniff.  I used dark red kidney beans, because it was either that or black beans, which I guess would've been good too. And lastly, I didn't use any jalapenos.  They freak me out.  Not because of the spice (I don't mind some spice.....but my husband loves extra spicy), but because the last time I handled them, my hands broke out in a rash and got really itchy.  I did end up using gloves for a while to handle them, but that's kind of a pain.  Maybe one day I'll break down and get jalapenos again.

So I give this recipe a 10, because it's so good, and it's pretty darn easy.  Who knew? Thanks happyveganface!! :)

Ahhh....back to work tomorrow.  Was thinking of roasting some root veggies tomorrow......need to use up the market turnips.  We'll see.


  1. Mmmm that is one of my new favourite recipes!! So easy and so tasty all at the same time!

  2. Yup and yup....same here! And I made it again today for lunch!



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