Saturday, October 22, 2011

Vegan Care Package Swap!

Oh no! I'm a day late. So sorry, Lindsay. I just got my awesome box from Ashley in Canada! Why? Because Lindsay at Cook.Vegan.Lover. had a Vegan Care Package Swap. A very cool idea and this is my second time doing it. Packages took a bit longer this time, to get where they were going, because they were between me (Louisiana) and Canada. I would have posted yesterday, but I had work, then concert, etc....blah blah blah.

I got paired up with Ashley from Dancing Through Life. She's also a musician. Cool, huh? She seems like an amazing person. I had to be a bit more careful in what I chose for her, since she's also gluten-free. But I was able to put together a nice package for her. See what I got her here.

And here's what I got:

Tons of awesome smoothie mixes (great for my workouts!):

More hemp seeds (good, I was running out) and and awesome ceramic mug (I LOVE coffee mugs):
(notice the cute magnet and button!)

These awesome double chocolate cookies (yes, I already ate one):
An energy bar (I ate it yesterday at our "kiddie" concerts), gum, and some chocolate:

That cute button:

It's on a Toronto Public Library tote bag (Yup, I'm addicted to totebags). And a cool local magazine, which I looked through yesterday. It's got some great recipes and articles in it.

Thank you so much, Ashley!! I LOVE IT! You can follow Ashley on Twitter too.

And thank you, Lindsay,  once again, for organizing this great package swap :) 

If you've never done it, you guys should sign up next year.

Eat smart,


  1. Very Nice! I love the button and magnet, they are adorable!

  2. Ooo how fun! What an exciting care package! :)

  3. Fun looking swap. The package you got her looks really cute; you both did a great job. I love those Vega smoothie mixes. And I've never seen those cookies!

  4. I love vegan package swaps & those cookies look delicious.

  5. I love that you enjoyed it so much!!

    The cookies are from a Canadian brand made right here in Toronto called Sweets From the Earth. Everything is so delicious!

    The button came from a super cute company called Sick on Sin. And happy you liked the tote bag and new coffee mug! Thanks for such a lovely exchange :)




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