Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Beer and other good food

Ok, so the NOLA Brewing draft packs finally showed up at my local grocery store...yay!  Got the blonde ale....you can see the bottles of the new Abita seasonal too: Strawberry Harvest.  I think we're set :) Pictures were taken before we opened up the sucker....it is now officially open.

I finally roasted some chickpeas, after reading several blogs about it.  I soaked the chickpeas overnight, then cooked them in the morning (yes, I'm trying to cook more of my own beans rather than buying cans).  So I needed to do something with them.  Made hummus and the roasted chickpeas. I froze the rest of the chickpeas. You can find the recipe I used for roasted chickpeas here.

I made that Broccoli Bake again, but left out pasta.  Used only vegetables. I used lots of broccoli, some shiitakes, carrots and kale.  It was a bit mushier than normal....I guess because there wasn't any pasta to hold it together, but it was still really good.

I also made my whole wheat spelt chocolate chip cookies, but left out the oil and used EnerG instead of real eggs. Well, it wasn't great.....still tasted good. They are more like biscuits rather than cookies. I think the oil adds crispiness which these didn't have.  Well it was worth a try.  I had to add a ton of water through the mixing process because it was so dry.  Still good though :)

And now for the Blogger of the Week: Choosing Raw.  Gena's got a great blog and talks a lot about raw food, which is my new thing (no I'm not going totally raw). It's the website where I got my delicious banana "ice cream" from!! Thanks, Gena!

Eat smart,


  1. Gena's amazing, congrats to her!
    The chickpeas look really good and Im not even a "bean" girl but you worked it out :)
    And thanks for the sweet comment you left on my bloggie!
    Have a great nite Tanya!

  2. Wow, I just realized that I baked and roasted all the stuff on this post and then named a RAW blogger of the week. Oops. Well, she deserves it anyway, even if she did end up on one of my totally cooked posts :) And thanks, Averie, for the nice comment!



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