Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Happy Passover and info about giveaway!

This post will be kind of a whole bunch of things mixed up into one blob of a post.

First, Happy Passover to those that celebrate.  We are not very religious in this family, although we used to go to or have our own Seders.  Last night was a very informal dinner, most of which was not kosher for Passover, but still vegan.

We started and ended with the kosher items: matzo ball soup and charoset.

In between, we had a cabbage/carrot/broccoli salad with tahini dressing, from the VeganYumYum book. It was the Nearly Raw Tahini Noodles....without the noodles!
And then we had the Tomato Barley Risotto from the same book.

(I added kale....of course)

Tanya's Quick Charoset:
2 apples, peeled, cored, and cut into wedges
2/3 cup raw almonds
6-7 pitted dates
Put it all into a food processor.  Don't leave it in too long...you don't want a big ball of sticky apple/almond flour!  You still want little bits of dates and apple.

Do you have some good vegan Passover recipes??  Post a link!

A few days ago, I made a Red Wine Lentil Soup that I had ripped out of a Parade magazine a long time ago. Still good!  If you want the recipe, email me.

(I added Vitamin D mushrooms....and kale!)

And then of course we went to the market on Saturday morning: collard greens, sweet potatoes, brown rice, strawberries, hydroponic tomatoes, heirloom tomatoes, eggs(for my husband), lacinato kale, lettuce, and shiitake mushrooms.

We were near a good local grocery and so I picked up a few items I can't find in the stores closer to where I live: kombucha (since I read about it on all your blogs!!), Purely Decadent ice cream, and Rice Vegan Cheddar flavor "cheese". (oddly, their shredded cheddar in the store had casein in it, but not the slices)

Thursday, I'll be doing my first giveaway!  You still have time to vote for your favorite giveaway item, before I decide. Vote here.

Other giveaways:

Lindsay over at CookVeganLover is having a Spring Into Veganism giveaway!! A box of amazing stuff!

Elena of Eat Healthy! Be Happy! Vegan Recipes and Living Blog is giving away Organic Artisana Cacao Bliss RAW Coconut Chocolate Butter. Enter to win HERE.

Averie of LoveVeggiesAndYoga is giving away some Tazo goodies!

Blogger of the Week: ChocolateCoveredKatie because she puts so much humor into her posts and she's so clever and comes up with so many different, whacky, and creative recipe ideas!

Here's another question:
The only SOY yogurt I found in our local stores is O'Soy. I was reading the label and guess what's in it? "Our live active cultures are milk-based"!! Hmmmm.....that kind of defeats the purpose.  Grrrr......I want my yogurt! Now I can't have any. If you're going to make soy yogurt.......don't put milk products in it please!

Eat smart,


  1. Hi Tanya! Thanks for the great charoset recipe! (I'll be eating mine together with Purely Decadent!) Have you tried So Delicious soy or coconut milk yogurts? They're totally vegan, and well, so delicious!

  2. Ugh do you know how many times I've PURCHASED (lesson learned now) products marketed as "veggie" or vegetarian friendly based on label, only to discover hidden milk products! Terrible frustrating!

    How did you like the risotto?? Recommend giving a try?

  3. Yes! The risotto is delicious! I've made it a lot. Of course I'm just realizing that pearl barley is not as good as "hulled" barley...but since I can't find that in the store, too bad for me. But yes, I highly recommend it :)

  4. Thanks for the give away link back Tanya and I wish you a very happy passover. Scott's jewish and we've been together 12 yrs so I am practically right there with ya :)

  5. I haven't tried So Delicious' yogurt...but I would if I could find them!! And thanks Averie....same to you guys then :)



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