Saturday, July 30, 2011

Vegan Cookbooks by Bloggers

With all the new cookbooks coming out, I thought I'd compile a list of those that were written (in the past year) by bloggers that I follow. Some I own, and some I will purchase as soon as I can.

Let's start with one that will be coming out in September:

(photo from Amazon)

Blissful Bites by Christy Morgan. You can find her blog here. She is a vegan-macrobiotic chef based in Dallas, TX. Check out her blog and find more about the classes she offers and more great recipes. She seems  very friendly and I wish I'd been able to meet up with her when I was in Dallas, but time didn't allow it.

And the most recent buzz has been all about this cookbook, which just came out:

(photo from Amazon)

Peas and Thank You by Sarah Matheny. This is one busy woman, I tell you! She's a mother to two of the cutest little girls and cooks up a storm. Sarah is one of the wittiest blog writers out there. Even if the particular post doesn't interest you, her writing will. She'll keep you reading. You can read her blog here.

And now onto one of the best vegan dessert makers:

(photo from Amazon)

Vegan Desserts by Hannah Kaminsky. I have one of her previous dessert books and it's amazing. She is by far one of the best creators of vegan desserts I've found. She also is one of the best food photographers! You'll be drooling just looking at her pictures. She contributes to various magazines and also has a crafty side. Check out her blog here.

This cookbook got a lot of buzz when it came out (yes, I own it for Kindle):

(photo from Happy Herbivore blog)

The Happy Herbivore by Lindsay S. Nixon. This is one popular lady. She currently lives in St. Maarten, which is quite a difference from her previous home of NYC. This book has a lot of recipes that are fairly easy to make and are delicious. Watch out....she's got another one on the way! Visit her blog here.

The following book got a lot of buzz too:

(photo from Post Punk Kitchen)

Appetite for Reduction by Isa Chandra Moskowitz. She's already written several vegan cookbooks. This gal must be busy. She's from Brooklyn and has worked with Terry Hope Romero on a lot of projects. Check out  her blog here.

And well, this lady, is pretty famous already:

(photos from Global Vegan Kitchen)

Vegan on the Cheap and Party Vegan by Robin Robertson. She has several vegan & vegetarian cookbooks under her belt already and contributes to many magazines. Does she ever take a break? Robin lives in Virginia. Check out her blog here.

And now for the raw segment:

(photo from The Sunny Raw Kitchen)

Delightfully Raw by Carmella Soleil. I've followed her blog for a while now. She always seems to be traveling and posting beautiful photos from wherever she goes. She's got a few other e-books on her site. Check out her blog here.

I believe there is a cookbook in the works from Amber at Almost Vegan!!

And that's the lineup for today! I'll have to do another post for bloggers with e-books only available on their websites. That will be for another day.  Good job to these fellow bloggers (I guess they're not really fellows at all.....oops)! Keep the vegan cookbooks coming.......I'd love to write one someday.

So go out and support your "fellow" vegans/ their cookbooks! You can help, by tweeting about this post and/or posting it on YOUR facebook or blog.

Eat smart,


  1. Thank you so much for including me in your list T! I just want to point out that I was a chef and educator first then starting blogging as a way to share my recipes and information on health and well-being. So I wouldn't even consider myself a blogger per se, I'm not as good as it as other bloggers :) Hope to meet you in person real soon!!

  2. It's true! My book will be out in 2012, exact date TBA. This is an awesome list; I love everyone on it! :)

  3. Nice list, some I haven't heard of before that I've have to check out now. Thanks! :-)

  4. Yipee, I'm so happy I made your list! You're so sweet to include my book, and with such high praise. Thank you!

  5. Thank you so much for sharing this! I've been considering going vegan for awhile, and hopefully some of these books will inspire me!



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