Thursday, July 28, 2011

Organic or not??

I think I've been brainwashed....well, not really. I've recently watched a few movies about organic farming. Of course it's better for you and the environment, right? No chemicals at all! Right?

Well, what about your local farmers? Would you rather ship organic tomatoes across the country, or eat local, but not organic, tomatoes?? Which  is better for you and the environment? Last  week, I came across this very dilemma in the store. (yes, it was Whole Foods, as my local store has squat for organic produce) There they tomatoes! And not a bad price either. But I remembered my local supermarket had locally farmed tomatoes. I was at a loss! What should I do? What's better for me? Those nice looking organic tomatoes were shipped all the way from California.....that can't be good. But....the local ones used pesticides....aaaaahh....what to do? I bought organic. Yup. But I'm still not so sure what the right decision was. Maybe with a decision like that, I should base it on price?

I don't have a problem buying organic, when there's no local option, unless it's outrageously expensive compared to the conventional (which the broccoli was, I tell you!). And I can't live without broccoli. That's a staple I must have in the house at ALL times! The kale was also twice the price of the conventional. That is my #2 staple.

What do YOU do? What are your thoughts on organic produce in general? Do you buy all organic? Do you buy organic when it's on sale only? (yup, I bought some awesome organic plums on sale last week...and they ARE delicious) Do you try to buy local? Or do you only buy what's on that "dirty dozen" list for pesticide residue, organically?

Here's the list of the "Dirty Dozen" you're supposed to buy organic:

imported grapes
bell peppers

What are YOUR thoughts on this whole organic produce thing?

Eat smart,


  1. Let me tell you I have been trying for a long time to eat better,and do better for the environment. I buy local when I can and/or Organic. If I let myself get too caught up in it,I start feeling like it's a chore and not just a new way of life hehe.
    I think its a good thing to try to do better when you can. It's great that you are trying, I find myself having new questions about what is better all the time.

  2. Thank you, Mrs. Makeup! I shouldn't get too caught up in it...sometimes I can't help and then I just get frustrated. I should just do what I can, when I can. :)

  3. i teach college writing, and this article is anthologized in my students' required textbook:

    my students don't really seem terribly invested in the issue...wish they did...the whole "health for the wealthy" thing is so disturbing. i guess it's what comes of transforming the cultural view of environmentalism/healthy eating (from the image of 'dirty hippies'), but i wish there WAS more outrage around. i mean, basically they're saying, "okay, well if you DON'T want poison in your food, it's gonna cost extra." like the fly-in-the-soup joke.

    i never shop at "Whole Paycheck" --just once in a while for the deli bar, but that's in my going-out-to-eat budget, not my regular-grocery budget. i try to buy organic on that 'dirty dozen' list, but it really breaks my bank even at stop n' shop. i certainly wouldn't publicly admit that i have in the past switched PLU#s so my organic rings up as conventional...that would be VERY WRONG. ;)

  4. Thank you, Kate, for a link that article!! Haha, we talk about the same things :) I didn't even mention GMO in my post. I suppose that's for another day. I just asked my local grocery store if they could order some more organic produce, as all they have are carrots, green onions, celery, and spinach. No organic fruit at all. We'll see what happens!



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