Sunday, July 4, 2010

Road Trip Pics, Part 3

Wow, it's been a while since I've posted.  Oops. Well, I promise I'll be back to a normal posting regimen soon!

So here are more tales from the road.

Let's see....I believe the far north is next: Vermont.

Vermont beer:

Magic Hat: Blind Faith (IPA...a bit too hoppy for me) and Wacko(summer beer colored with beet juice)

Rock Art Brewery: The Vermonster (WAY too hoppy for me)

Food in Weston, VT:

Was able to get this without the bread and without the cheese (although they brought it out with melted cheese first time around...) Pretty good.

Otter Creek ale brewed for The Bryant House, very good, refreshing (where we ate):

Londonderry, VT:

Cute health food store, if you're in the area! They actually had a vegan muffin (although not that tasty) and soy, coconut milk, etc...for coffee :) The Garden Market/Natural Foods.  I think it's right on route 100 in Londonderry.  If you're in the need for soymilk, etc...and you're in the area...this place is for you!

Something else I found at the  Brattleboro co-op:

The taste takes getting used to, but I think it might be even better hot on something, like potatoes or steamed veggies!  And they've got great stuff in bulk too. I picked up some sweet brown rice while I was there. They've got pretty much any grain you're looking for!

Hartford, CT:

A real find!  I used my GPS  on my phone to find this place. Wasn't too out of the way and TOTALLY worth it: Alchemy Juice Bar

S got the Alchemist Wrap:

I got the Live Veggie Wrap (WOW, delicious!):

I also ordered the Live Chai, yum:

If you're ever near Hartford, CT, you MUST go.  The folks in there were so nice too :)

Ok, well I've got one more set of pics for you, which I'll post in the next few days.....

Eat smart,

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