Friday, July 9, 2010

Road Trip Pics, Part 4

Ok, the final road trip post is finally here!  I know you're all excited, haha.  You know what this means....after this, I actually have to start cooking again, so I've got something to post about :)

This post is mostly about one amazing town: Northampton, Mass. With a detour to Amherst (thanks to our friend, Amelia). I LOVE this town.  It's got everything: great places for coffee, vegetarian (& vegan) food, a college, lots of cool shops, and great walking trails! Ahhhh.....if only there were a job there......

So here we go:

Back to Cafe Evolution we went, because it's so good!

S got the Love Supreme with brown rice (great stuff!!):

I got the Chili Burrito (it was so big, I had to take half to go):

And of course, I had to get a vegan cupcake (chocolate with mint frosting) YUM:
(see my previous post about Cafe Evolution here.)

We headed over to Amherst, Mass to FreshSide Amherst (thanks, Amelia!!). This place is freakin' delcious! We must go day when we're up there again.  I highly recommend it.

We sat was so nice:

A pot of green tea (brown rice flavor):

Thai Tea Roll & Ginger Tofu Tea Roll (oh so good!):

S got the Chili Rice w/tofu:

I got the Pad Thai (great, but had to take half to go....and that was the SMALL size!):

Some pages from their menu (you can see the whole thing online), notice it specifies when you can get it vegan, etc...and they have a whole section that's gluten free, soy free, etc...for pretty much any diet!

Had a delicious lunch!

Back to Northampton.  Northampton Brewery! (I always have to taste test the local beer):
Pretty good (& vegan).  Most were very smooth, never overpowering. Watch out, the Imperial Stout is VERY high alcohol!

We ate dinner at Paul & Elizabeth's.  Nice place and they've got some vegan options too.

I think we both got specials, and I don't remember what they were, but here are pictures. They were both very good:

On a different day, I found another vegetarian restaurant: Bela Vegetarian.  Small place and it didn't open until noon. We were the first ones there :)

They have great daily specials on their chalkboard:

S got one of the daily specials...was very good (they specify if they're vegan or not):

I got the Harvest Burger with the rosemary potatoes (excellent burger, and I loved the pea sprouts on top!):

We got the corn chowder too, because I overheard someone in the restaurant raving about it :)

Wow, ok.....tons of pictures. I think I'm almost done.  What's left?  The farmer's market!
On our way out, we made a quick stop at the local market and picked up some carrots for the road and I found local hulled barley:

On our way back down, we stopped at Veg-O-Rama again:
(see my previous post about Veg-O-Rama here.)

Ok, that was a lot of pictures.  If I forgot anything, I guess it'll go into the next post.  It does feel good to be back home and cooking again :)  We were away just a bit too long. Tomorrow: our local farmer's market.

Eat smart,


  1. I used to live in the Northampton area. Your post makes me miss it so much! Bela was our favorite and we loved Paul and Elizabeth's too. Thanks for posting about it.

  2. Wow what a great trip and what great eats for vegans...that never happens to me on road trips :)



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