Friday, July 16, 2010

Our music and a restaurant review I forgot about.

Since my husband and I recently recorded some music, I thought I'd post the two "videos".  Both are music my husband wrote for his mother's memorial concert in 2008. (in case any of you are interested in this kind of music.....) Thought I'd test out the new video option on blogger :)

The first is called Postlude (I am playing the solo viola part while my husband is playing ALL the rest):

The second is the Intermezzo (two violas):

And now for that review.  I forgot to include it in my Northampton post.  On our last day, we thought we'd walk around town and get some breakfast before heading out.  Stopped into the Haymarket Cafe.  BAD CHOICE.  I ordered a large coffee with soymilk and their oatmeal without the dairy stuff on the side.  The woman asked if I was sitting upstairs or down.......I pointed to my husband and said, "We're sitting here.".  And she said...."ok, upstairs".  We walked in off the street and I hadn't seen any stairs anywhere, so I assumed we were downstairs, but that's ok.  I pointed that out, and she got nasty and said "I was only asking a question" in a really mean tone.  Ok, fine.  Got upstairs is street level, and downstairs is, well, down the hidden stairs in the back.  I stood there for a while waiting for my coffee. Nothing.  So I assumed maybe it would just come out with my food.  I sat down with my husband.  We waited.  Meanwhile, I saw tons of people coming in and being handed coffee.  (at this point, I REALLY wanted my coffee already) I thought it was kind of weird that they'd wait to give you your coffee with your food.  We waited and waited. My husband even went downstairs to ask about the food (it seemed to take forever).  Finally our food came up (from downstairs....perhaps they were irritated that we were sitting upstairs when we ordered food??) about 20 minutes later.  I asked where my coffee was and the woman said I should've gotten it at the counter.  JEEZ!!!!  So my husband went up to the counter to retrieve my coffee and they claimed they had put it on the counter for me when I ordered! That was just a plain lie, because I stood there for at least 2 minutes after I paid, and nothing ever showed up on the counter and nobody handed me a coffee.  So anyway, I ate fast, and left. So there you have review in a large nutshell :)

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Eat smart,

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