Thursday, May 13, 2010

Weight Loss Goal Reached!!

I was excited this week because I finally reached my weight loss goal!! In the last 8 1/2 months, I've lost 32 pounds. I think this lowfat vegan diet has really helped me!  Along with my regular exercise, of course :)

I was at my heaviest in 2002 and I've lost 80 pounds since then!! It's hard to believe it, when I really think about it.  My husband lost 90 pounds! And now, I've set another 5 pound goal, haha.....I think that's what usually happens. You set one goal, then you get there and think...."well if I made it this far....I can do more!". So now I'll be going in 5 pound increments until I'm done, which is hopefully only another 5 or 10 pounds. But I've had this particular goal (that I surpassed this week) since last summer, so this is a big deal for me and I just went out and bought some jeans that I never thought I'd fit into!

Anyway, if I get a chance, maybe I'll post before and after pics (if I can find before pics....we lost most of them in Katrina....good riddance!)

Last Saturday we went to the market, of course, and here's what we got: bok choy, white button mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, lettuce, strawberries, kale, english peas, brown rice, onions, yellow squash, and sweet potatoes.

Other stuff I've been eating:


Bok Choy, steamed, with rice and Asian Sauce:

Stir Fried vegetables with soy sauce, rice vinegar, mirin, a hint of agave, garlic, red pepper flakes, and arrowroot:

Don't forget: NOLA VEGGIE FEST THIS SUNDAY!! Click here for info.

Blogger of the Week: The Healthy Voyager. If you're traveling and need to find good vegan eats, this is the blog to go to!

I'm overloaded with sweet potatoes....if you have recipes or links to recipes, please leave them in the comments section! I tried to make sweet potato fries.....not my thing.

Eat smart, 


  1. Congratulations! To both of you! That's very cool.

    Also--I didn't realize you bought giant bok choy. Always buy the baby kind, it's much easier to eat, it tastes better, it's greener, etc. Still cook the stems longer than the leaves, though. The baby bok choy looks like this:

    Also, you might really like what my husband calls "hollow vegetable" (the literal Chinese translation). It's sometimes labeled Chinese Water Spinach, sometimes Ong Choy, and looks like this:
    The stems are hollow, ergo the name. It is my FAVORITE green, hands down. You cook it like spinach.

  2. Thanks! We didn't have a choice in the bok choy area.....that's all they had at the farmer's market. Thought I'd try it. Now I think it was something else though.....because we eat a TON of stuff in the greens and cabbage I don't think it could've been that.

  3. Yay! Congrats on the weight loss! :)



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