Saturday, November 7, 2009

Late to Market

Had to work this morning, so I didn't get to the market until almost 1 pm!  Luckily, there was still plenty of good stuff to buy: cucumbers, mustard greens, pea shoots, tomatoes, peppers, yellow squash, satsumas, brown rice, turnips, lettuce, Fairytale eggplants, meyer lemons, and key limes!

Yesterday, I picked the first red peppers off my Aerogarden pepper plants!  I've got 3 plants growing, 2 redskin and 1 carmen....both red and sweet.

And last but not least, my Zojirushi Bread Machine arrived today!!!  Yay!!  I've got a few days off coming up, so I'll definitely be posting about bread :)

Oh yes, I made my order from The Vegan Store and decided on 2 "cheeses": Daiya and Dr. Cow.  I'll let you know how those rate.

Eat smart,


  1. Just stopping by to say thank you for your kind words and happy birthday wishes, Tanya! I truly appreciate it. :-)

    I've heard good things about the Zojirushi bread machine. Looks like you're going to be having fun baking up plenty of delicious, healthy loaves of bread!


  2. Hi Susan,

    Hope you had a great birthday! I'm definitely going to have fun with bread, assuming Ida goes in a different direction....we shall see!




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