Friday, August 26, 2011

Hurricane Preparedness 101

I know, this post is not food-related. Tough. Having lived in New Orleans for several years now, I have a few tips for you folks in the northeast that don't have any experience with them:

1. Fill your car with gas now. (they won't work once the power goes out)
2. Have on hand battery-run items: lanterns, flashlights, radios, cell-phone chargers, etc.
3. Get lots of extra batteries for said items above.
4. Be prepared with non-perishable food items and a manual can opener (not an electric one!), as well as lots of extra bottled water (I don't usually condone use of bottled water, but in this case, it's better to be prepared).
5. If you have small bottles of water, put them in the freezer. Pack your freezer, as it will stay cooler longer, the more it is packed.
6. The power most likely WILL go out and possibly for several days. Be prepared!
7. Know where your important papers are (insurance, passports, etc.), in case you have to grab them and go.
8.  Have some extra cash on hand, as well as extra medicine (especially prescriptions).
9. Charge up your cell phone beforehand. Calls may not go through, but texts most likely will (this was the case after Katrina)
10. Store loose items that are outside....tie them down or bring them in.
11. If you have a BBQ or propane cooker, have them ready, as the power may not be restored for a while. Though your gas stove may work....

If there's anything I've forgotten, feel free to add them below. This is important! Be prepared.

Eat smart and stay safe,

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  1. If you evacuate, unplug (and remove the cable input) of your TV and other appliances except fridge (this will save them from the massive surge when the power comes back on), and shut off the gas and water supplies outside.



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