Monday, February 14, 2011

Sickness and Diet

It's been almost a year since I was sick last....and guess what? I'm sick. Yup, I got that tickle in my throat on Saturday morning...and it stayed there. By Sunday, it was a major tickle, and today I've got phlegm. Sorry to be so gross about it. Last time I got sick, it lasted maybe 2 was very quick. I got the tickle in my throat, and the same day my nose started running, then the next day I had a cough...and was gone. Just like that. Cool, huh?

I think I'm on day 3, but hoping it will be gone soon. I've got the official cough today, which means it's moved and that's good. Just a bit of runny nose, but not like I used to get in the old days where I'd have tissues all over the place and had to take some sort of drugs for it.

Anyhow, it may be a coincidence, or not. You decide.  For the last two weeks or so, I've been trying to save money by cutting down on the amount of produce. We spend a ton at the grocery store and most of it is produce, including my daily broccoli, kale, carrots, get the idea.

At work recently, a colleague that sits next to me has been sick.  So I'm thinking that because I reduced my normal consumption of veggies AND whole grains, and was eating cheaper things like pasta and even some pre-packaged foods (although vegan), my immune system was compromised. Could this be? I suppose it could be coincidence or maybe it was just time for my body to have its share of "the common cold"....???

I decided to go back to my regularly scheduled eating habits, even if I AM buying 6 bunches of broccoli per week!! Am I insane?  I probably buy that much in a week, and a couple of bunches of kale, and maybe 4-6 bell peppers and well, at least 6 pounds of carrots (yes, each week)....S LOVES carrots and eats several per day.  Is this wrong?  Are we buying too much produce? It's two of us. I usually steam up veggies once per day and the other meal is either raw or roasted. And I eat brown rice or something similar almost everyday.

Do any of you shop at a bulk store, such as Costco or Sam's Club? How is the produce and is it worth it just to shop there for that? I mean, I'm sure I could use up 10 pounds of broccoli in a week! :)  Maybe I eat too much broccoli....

Help me out here....tell me I'm not insane for buying that much produce.  Or....tell me I am and tell me how to save money on produce.

Eat smart,


  1. Investing in veggies is never a bad idea! We go through a lot of greens too. We do tend to eat what is cheapest. For example sometimes the broccoli is $4 a pound and I don't get it then. Then we just go to cabbage which tends to be cheap. I also fill in with green powders from time to time.

  2. You can get large quantities of produce like bell peppers at Costco and it might benefit you to shop there - you also can save $ in other areas, like stocking up on toilet paper, but IIRC your apartment doesn't have the storage space to make that work. If you take vitamins or supplements, Costco is a good place to get them for less. I'd advise you to just stay out of Sam's...Sam's is a great place to go if you eat a lot of processed meat, drink juice from a box, etc.

    See if you can get a friend with a membership to take you to Costco so you can size it up. Bring cash, because they don't take credit cards except from members who use a specific card.

    Oh, and Costco has excellent prices on beer, wine and liquor (depends on location, some places don't have booze).


  3. Thanks for the suggestions!!

    We don't have a Costco down here, only Sam's. So it's that or nothing. Oh well. If there's a way I can get in to have a look around, I will.

  4. Yeah, never hesitate in investing in green. Not at the point, but they help in the long run for sure!

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