Friday, February 25, 2011

Random Eats

Hey there! I think I'm finally getting over this stupid sickness. Still a bit of coughing and a runny nose, but hopefully that will subside soon enough.

And even though I haven't been blogging about it, I HAVE been cooking.  So here are some recent eats:

Home grown arugula,greens, kale, & sprouts in my homemade bagel!

SO GOOD!!! (I tried to use more almond milk to replace some of the coconut milk, for less fat)

Ummm, more roasted vegetables??

Valentine's dessert: Strawberry Peach Cobbler with vegan granola.Yum.

Hawaiian Chickpea Teriyaki. Excellent! Just needed a bit more sauce to go over the rice :)

Roasted Veggies with Lindsay's Cheddar Cheesy Sauce, although I've also made her Quick Queso Sauce (also very good and so easy to make)

Other stuff:
A broccoli rice dish....might post a recipe if I can remember it :)

My Broccoli/Cauliflower a la Lemon dish atop Trader Joe's Harvest Grains.

And there you have it.  

I'm thinking of starting a beer blog.....about beer tasting.  You know, since I drink so much of it.....and I love to try new beers all the time....might make sense.  I'm ALWAYS taking pictures of my beer, so why not?

Here's a question for you bloggers out there: Wordpress or Blogger?  Which is better and why? Which is easier to blog from the road/travel?

Eat smart,

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