Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Road Trip Pics, Part 1

This post will be mostly pictures of all the great food we've been having!

First off, Knoxville, TN:

The TomatoHead restaurant.....really great place to eat. They will veganize for you, but a lot of the food is already vegetarian and they DO have vegan cheese. They have some great local/regional beer on tap.  And a daily vegan cupcake! (oh and cookies, haha).

The Kepner melt w/soup of the day (vegan):

The vegan cupcake of the day:

Veg-O-Rama. New vegetarian restaurant near our friend's house.  They also have local beer on tap:

Noodle Salad (vegan):

Chili Dog w/soup of the day(chili dog is vegan, soup was not):

Special of the Day SO TASTY! (sweet potato/bl. bean tacos, vegan):

Then off to Cincinnati, OH:

Myra's  Dionysus(near the university).  WAY too many choices. We ate there twice in one day! Excellent for vegans:

Sample menu pages:

LUNCH at Myra's:
Gazpacho Soup & Green Pea Soup (vegan):

Spicy Black Beans & Gado Gado (both vegan):

Hummus plate (vegan):

Mocha Mousse (vegan) w/local coffee and soymilk:

DINNER at Myra's:
Gypsy Soup (vegan):

Imam Bialdi (eggplant dish, vegan) & sampler plate w/edamame, falafel, & sesame noodles (vegan):

Chocolate PeanutButter Cheesecake (vegan):

That should keep you drooling for a while, until I post the next batch :)

All three of these restaurants were delicious....so if you're ever in those areas, definitely give them a try!

Eat smart,


  1. It DOES looks yummy. Eventually Ryan and I want to get to Cincinnati, so I will keep this place in mind for sure! Good eats!

  2. Wow! All that food stuff looks try-worthy--so glad you are able to find vegan eats on the road! That is a great comfort for you I am sure!

  3. Wait, how is coffee local in Cincinnati? I think it grows in, you know, Indonesia, South America...:)

    I will definitely try Calhoun's if I'm in the area, it looks great.

  4. Your new template looks cool !! All the dishes truly made me drool ...

  5. Noelle: there's also a great place called Melt Eclectic (or something like that) in Cinci....they have good veg/vegan stuff too. Didn't get there this time around.

    Kelly-yeah, sometimes it's VERY difficult, but some places are just more vegan friendly than others, luckily!

    Dianne-yeah, haha...I meant locally ROASTED :) Calhoun St does have good restaurants...there was a Middle Eastern place next door too, but didn't get to try it.

    Shabitha-thanks! Tried to fool around with it yesterday a bit.



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