Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day and pics from my trip!

Wow, I guess it's been a while since I last posted.  I've been out of town for a few days....went to visit my parents in Vermont and meet my nephew for the first time too! So I'm going to post just a few pics from my trip, since this is really a food blog.

Me and my nephew, Finn:

My parents' alpacas:

The amazing Brattleboro Food Co-op:

My dad drove me back to the airport yesterday and I got him to stop for lunch at a vegan cafe I'd found online! He liked it (he's not even a vegetarian).  I thought the food was amazing (we both tried the specials).  The folks working there were really nice too.  I definitely recommend the place if you're going anywhere near Northampton, Mass. It's not far off of I-91.  Check our their website: Cafe Evolution.

The Spring Bowl Special with potatoes, tempeh, and asparagus:

The Lentil/Parsnip Curry Special with a side salad:

Both were delicious.  And yes, I bought several items to take on the plane with me back home...a chocolate cupcake with mint cream cheese frosting, a mocha cupcake, a blondie, a brownie, and a cowgirl cookie.  I couldn't help it!  The cupcakes got squished on the plane a I didn't take pictures, but they sure are tasty :)

And as a late birthday present, I made my mom a birthday cake while I was up there.  It's the Decadent Almond Cake I'd made previously.

Oh, and yes, I got sick on my trip.  My ears are still blocked from the plane ride.....and wow, was my ear in absolute pain on our descent. Ouch!

Update: Airport info.

I flew through Chicago O'hare on my way to Hartford.  There was a Saladworks there!  You can create your own salad, which is really nice. I've eaten at a lot of those in New Jersey.

On the way home, I went through Atlanta.  I found a Nature's Table Bistro in Terminal E.  The gentleman in front of me happened to be vegan as well (he heard me asking about vegan options), so he pointed out the items he's eaten.  I got the vegetarian chili and hummus with pita crackers.  It was all very good!

I think that about covers it for my trip.  For now anyway....hope you're all having a great Earth Day!!

Eat smart,


  1. Love the Brattleboro coop and Evolution. I used to live near Northampton and my parents live outside of Vermont. Great finds.

  2. Hi Tanya,

    Great pics and an interesting write up..
    Check out my first event...

  3. Thanks guys....and we drove right through Northampton on our way out.....what a great town! I'm definitely going back there again.

  4. I have been to the Brattleboro Food Co-op, and I agree, it's lovely. It's much like the New Pioneer Food Co-op in Iowa City, IA, where I lived for 6 years. A good Co-op is hard to beat.

  5. sorry, the above was me, in case you were wondering...



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