Monday, April 26, 2010

Catching up on food:chard and cupcakes!

I know I hadn't posted in a while before I left for my trip, so today I'm going to post some of the things I made that I didn't have a chance to blog about, and I've pictures of my Brattleboro Food Co-Op stash and latest Pangea order!!

First, let's start with chard.  A couple of weeks ago I saw some Rainbow Chard at my local farmer's market, so I said what the heck and bought some. It was so pretty, I couldn't pass it up.  Of course, I had no idea how to cook it.  After a little research, I just folded over the chard leaves and cut off the stem.  I chopped up the stem and put it in a saute pan with some water and let it cook a bit.  Then I tore up the chard leaves and added them.  I served it over brown rice with a soy-based Asian sauce I make (McDougall recipe).  It was really good.  The chard was just a tiny bit bitter, but that's ok.

Next, I made a nice raw salad with my own cherry tomatoes and sprouts, and lettuce, turnips, kale, and carrots from the local farmer's market:

On to the cupcakes!!

I bought Isa Moskowitz's Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World and finally got a chance to try one of the recipes: Your Basic Chocolate Cupcake.  They came out rather nicely...I only made a couple of small changes.  I used only a drop of oil and the rest water and I replaced the all-purpose flour with whole wheat bread flour.  They didn't rise a ton, but maybe if I only make 10 instead of 12 next time and can fill them up a little more, they'll be bigger.   I used her Rich Chocolate Ganache Topping to frost, delicious! I used agave nectar instead of the maple syrup, because that's all I had.  A big success...we loved 'em!

I think we're caught up now with stuff I made before my trip.

Here are a couple of pictures of the awesome stuff I scored at the Brattleboro Food Co-Op:

Plus....I got some hulled barley and oat groats, yay!
Here's what I just got in the mail from Pangea:

Coming up: really easy veggie stew and calzones!
Coming in May: book reviews

Eat smart,


  1. I am writing a review on those Primal vegan jerky. I really like the seitan ones. So delicious!

  2. Chard is one of my favorite greens, especially in smoothies. Light and delicious.

  3. great coop food finds!
    love chard and it's totally chard season right now.

    and the, delish!

  4. Like Elena, I also love chard in smoothies. But one of my favorite things to do with chard (or collards) is make slaw. I love this recipe that I found in Vegetarian Times some time ago:

  5. I'll have to check out that recipe. I want more chard! I don't have a blender, no smoothies for me....sigh.



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