Sunday, November 13, 2011

Who's done a detox/cleanse?

(multi-layered juice!)

Not me. Never done one. I was, however, tempted the other day. What I did didn't even last 24 hours, but I felt great! So I thought I'd share my little experiment with you.

I started the day with my regular oatmeal. I think it was steel-cut oats that day, with some nuts and dried fruit. And I had one cup of decaf coffee with soymilk. Then I was off to work and only drank water at our rehearsal break (I usually snack on pretzels and nuts). We got home around lunchtime and I made a big pitcher of fresh juice (cucumber, carrots, celery, lettuce, ginger, zucchini, apple, beet,etc.). I drank a big glass and continued to drink the rest of the juice throughout the day. Nothing else except water. Around dinner time I made some brown rice and just had that with some gomasio mixed in (mine also has seaweed in it). And more water. Then later in the evening I was back to my normal snacks and beer :)

I didn't feel bloated all day! No processed stuff during the day felt really good. Only fresh juice and whole grains really. And lots of water. I think the liquid helps push toxins out of your body. But seriously, I hadn't felt that good in a while and let's just say all was back to normal in the bathroom (ewwwww). I also thought I wouldn't have enough energy for a workout, but I was wrong! Lots of energy!! Though they do say one side effect is "breaking out" because your body is pushing the toxins out every which way it can. I see it now....even though I only did it for a short amount of time.

Sometimes I end up eating more processed foods than I should, like brown rice pasta or sprouted grain english muffins or pre-made soups, etc.....and I forget that my body needs a break.

I'm ready to do this once a week. Even if it IS only for a partial day. It did my body good!

Have you ever done a juice cleanse? Brown rice detox? Any other short term detox?

Eat smart,


  1. I have never done a "detox" before, however about a couple months ago I stopped eating processed foods entirely and have never felt better!

  2. Wow Lauren! That's very impressive....good for you. I'm working on it :)


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