Wednesday, November 16, 2011

This blog is moving and staying at the same time!

I've decided to move this blog over to another url. Well, this one will still be here, but I created the blog "Eating Kale" over at so it's easier to find. I will start posting over there, so please update your feeds/readers, etc. I will eventually transfer over the recipes page and the restaurant page too.

It seemed like it was going to be super difficult to just change the url of my blog, because there are so many links to it already and it's in the search engines already. So I will keep this one here and will link back to recipes on this blog when necessary. I hope it's not too much of a pain for you guys....please follow me over there :)

Thanks for keeping up with me and reading my blog! Now it's time for Thanksgiving preparations.....

What are you cooking up for Thanksgiving?

Eat smart,

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Who's done a detox/cleanse?

(multi-layered juice!)

Not me. Never done one. I was, however, tempted the other day. What I did didn't even last 24 hours, but I felt great! So I thought I'd share my little experiment with you.

I started the day with my regular oatmeal. I think it was steel-cut oats that day, with some nuts and dried fruit. And I had one cup of decaf coffee with soymilk. Then I was off to work and only drank water at our rehearsal break (I usually snack on pretzels and nuts). We got home around lunchtime and I made a big pitcher of fresh juice (cucumber, carrots, celery, lettuce, ginger, zucchini, apple, beet,etc.). I drank a big glass and continued to drink the rest of the juice throughout the day. Nothing else except water. Around dinner time I made some brown rice and just had that with some gomasio mixed in (mine also has seaweed in it). And more water. Then later in the evening I was back to my normal snacks and beer :)

I didn't feel bloated all day! No processed stuff during the day felt really good. Only fresh juice and whole grains really. And lots of water. I think the liquid helps push toxins out of your body. But seriously, I hadn't felt that good in a while and let's just say all was back to normal in the bathroom (ewwwww). I also thought I wouldn't have enough energy for a workout, but I was wrong! Lots of energy!! Though they do say one side effect is "breaking out" because your body is pushing the toxins out every which way it can. I see it now....even though I only did it for a short amount of time.

Sometimes I end up eating more processed foods than I should, like brown rice pasta or sprouted grain english muffins or pre-made soups, etc.....and I forget that my body needs a break.

I'm ready to do this once a week. Even if it IS only for a partial day. It did my body good!

Have you ever done a juice cleanse? Brown rice detox? Any other short term detox?

Eat smart,


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